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Producing the future...

We are producing in Germany for all Websites, Channels and Pages.
New books, new covers - new Video-clips for all Websites.

We are creating together with our models new fresh videos and fotos, clips, dancing-vids and more. 
Want to be a covermodel of a new book?
Want to sing your own song? We create your career!
You are a rockband/ singer/dancer/Model/ Actor and you want to be a big star? You are looking for new chances in the showbusiness? We are working together with sound recordings & studios in Germany for new songs with new erotic Videoclips.
We are promoting your career!

Our specials:

Foto-Shootings for Covers ( Books )

Music & Model - Clips for Websites

Producing your own style for your career for Shows, Dancing, Movies, Magazines & all websites

What you have to do:

Send us your own movies or make a great foto-Session with us.

Our newest movie:

"The dancing steps"

Original piano music by: DeeJay