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Our new books - in german language:

1)  Finn Fisher:


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Our new book "Smile " is a big success!

The young rich pupil Leon, called "Smile", is a very pretty 18 year old blonde boy with a wonderful smile - so he is only called "Smile!" 

He lives on his big castle in France.

On a dating-Website he chats with a nice woman and he decides to have a date with this interesting young girl.

A few days later these girl visits him - and for both it is a big shock!

He swims naked in his big pool in the park of his castle and suddenly the Date-Girl has arrived.

It is his own nice teacher of his school, the attractive Mrs Vero!

She wants to return at her home but "Smile" has a big surprise for her...and a very big problem, because he wants to get married...


2) Finn Fisher:


By Amazon & " " as E- Book & Paperback

ISBN: 978-3-947110-65-0

The young flying Influencer and his secret...

The young successful Influencer and singer Adam, called "Fly", has killed his own beloved girlfriend Luisa in a terrible accident with his motorcycle, a big Harley. But Luisa has had a affair with his best friend Ka, too...

Ka tries now to kill his friend Adam as revenge, because he knows the secret of his former best friend:

Adam is a freak!

By danger he can fly with two great white wings above a tree into the blue sky to save the lives of the peoples he loves.

He is a guardian angel!

And his greatest fan is now the young girl Bonnie who tries to get the love of Adam - and Bonnie is the best opportunity for Ka to get his revenge...


The book that makes you great again - the best lovestory of all times!